Chantelle Pence

Chantelle Pence

Writing about life from the perspective of a Homestead Girl, Chantelle has been a voice from rural Alaska for over a decade. A frequent contributor to the Alaska Dispatch News, her work has also appeared in the Copper River Record, Zetetic Record, and Alaska Wellness. In 2015 she received an Individual Artist Award from the Rasmuson Foundation. In 2016 her first book, Homestead Girl: The View From Here, was published by Copper River Press.  

What people are saying about this author

"A trailblazer. Willing to be brave...this is the voice to watch."     Ron Stodghill, author of Where Everybody Looks Like Me

"Her poetic prose offers rest and honesty. You will find solace in her company. Take a walk with this courageous will be better for it."  Judy Ferguson, author of Windows To The Land, An Alaska Native Story      

"Chantelle Pence writes about things that we sometimes feel, but don't always know how to express. Her words come alive in many of us."  Fred John Jr, Ahtna Athabascan Activist and Storyteller